The 16th International Gas & Energy Forum

About Us

At IGEF, we are an independent private organization with a clear mission – to foster a profound understanding, in-depth analysis, and meaningful discussions within the energy industry. With over two decades of expertise in the Latin American region, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the local and regional energy landscape.
Our core mission at IGEF revolves around promoting an energy transition that leads us toward a sustainable and innovative future. To achieve this, we actively create dynamic forums, conferences, and platforms that support businesses, explore new technologies, and drive research initiatives in the energy sector.
Our efforts are strengthened by solid global alliances, a network of esteemed consultants, and experienced advisors in various energy fields like oil & gas, solar, wind, and hydrogen energies. They draw from their tangible experiences in diverse countries and complex scenarios, ensuring our initiatives are well-informed and impactful.
We invite you to join us in this collective journey to advance the energy industry and play a vital role in shaping a better world.
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A Message from the IGEF’s founder
The 16th International Gas and Energy Forum is dedicated to a critical mission: aligning the energy matrix of Latin America and the Caribbean with the global decarbonization goals. This transition is not only an environmental imperative but a profound economic opportunity that can bring significant benefits, particularly to economically vulnerable countries in our region.

The essence of this transition lies in the strategic use of accessible and efficient energy sources. We must harness the potential of natural gas, hydroelectric power, solar, wind, and green hydrogen to reshape our energy landscape. By doing so, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also stimulate economic growth, job creation, and greater energy security.
Miguel Zabala-Bishop
Founder & CEO
Our Past Events
With over 20 years of experience, we have a rich history of organizing the International Gas & Energy Forum, along with workshops and webinars covering diverse topics, including energy renewables, seismic and geosciences, water, mining, and more. Our past events have been a testament to our commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering industry collaboration. Join us as we continue this tradition of excellence and innovation.
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